Holy Rosary Cathedral Minor Basilica
Lingya District
1. Imperial Plaques
When Shipping Minister Shen Bao-zhen, an imperial envoy, came to Taiwan in 1874 to handle coastal defense and international trade, a priest of Wanjin Church asked Shen to apply to Emperor Mudzong for approval of missionary work. On accepting the application, Emperor Mudzong granted two Imperial Plaques to Wanjin Church and the Holy Rosary Cathedral Minor Basilica and requested Shen to write the decree for sculpturing. When visiting Taiwan again in 1875 during the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Shen granted the Imperial Plaques to Wanjin Church and the cathedral. When the forerunner of the cathedral was demolished in 1928 for reconstruction, its Imperial Plaque was buried in the soil. When believers donated the Outdoor Altar of the Lady of Holy Rosary in 1972, the Imperial Plaque was recovered on the front left of the cathedral. Fr. Pan Qiong-hui hired workers to erect the Imperial Plaque in front of the cathedral’s entrance.
2. Outdoor Altar of the Lady of Holy Rosary
In an effort to encourage others to worship the Lady of Holy Rosary, believers donated to the church in 1972 for building an outdoor altar. The construction was completed on October 29 in the same year. During the construction, the Imperial Plaque was recovered.
3. Tomb of Father Li An-si
May 1989 marked the 130th anniversary of the cathedral. In recognition of the contribution of late Father Li An-si, we communicated Dominican Order to allows the cathedral keep his ashes in Taiwan after his cremation in Hong Kong for the congregation to commemorate his contributions to Taiwan.
4. The Tabernacle
The tabernacle in the Holy Rosary Minor Basilica-Cathedral was originally owned by the Church of Yanchao District. In 1968 priest He Zhen-hua gave the tabernacle to the Holy Rosary Church. The tabernacle weights over 100 kilograms and is magnificent in design.
5. The Cathedra
There is a cathedra in the cathedral for use by the bishop to preside on a mass. The cathedra was enthroned on July 9, 1961 by Bishop Joseph Cheng Tien-siang, O.P. during his inauguration ceremony. The coat of arms on the cathedra will change for each bishop, The coat of arms in the picture was used by Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-Hsi, S.J.
Lady of the Holy Rosary
Worship Process
Guided Tour Application (November 21, 2018)
From now on, units, schools, and groups requiring the guided tour service (tours from mainland China should apply for the service through their tourism guides) can fill in the form to apply for the service “one week in advance”. Please confirm the service with our secretary.
Application method
1. Email: rosary.kh@msa.hinet.net
2. Fax: (07) 201-3492
If you have questions, please contact our secretary at (07) 221-4434 or (07) 282-3860
The Holy Rosary Minor Basilica-Cathedral is sometimes referreed to as the Rosary Church or the Cianjin Catholic Church. After the signing of the Treaty of Tianjin in 1858, missionaries were permitted to proselytise across Qing dynasty China, which included Taiwan.. Spanish Dominican friars Fernando Sainz and Angel Bofurull soon came to Taiwan to preach the gospel. Along with four local believers, they purchased the site of today’s cathederal in the Cianjin District of Kaohsiung and built a mission out of straw. A few years later, they began building a church using wetern-style red bricks, local mud-bricks, coral and concrete. Construction was completed in 1863. The church was named ‘The Holy Rosary Church’ after a statue of the Holy Mother was brought from Spain and enshrined in the church. The church was rebuilt between 1928 – 1931 in order to become a cathedral. In 1948, it was officialy elevated to cathedral status, and then later a minor basilica (a title of honor granted to special Catholic churches). The building then continued to undergo several renovations until 1995, when its wooden interior was rebuilt using steel. The design took on a mixture of Gothic and Romanesque styles, forming a strong and firm vertical appearance. The dedication ceremony to become a minor basilica was held in 1998. A few years later, in 2001, Holy Rosary Minor Basilica-Cathedral was named one of the top 10 religious sites in Kaohsiung and voted by the public as the number one historical landmark in Taiwan.
Religious Festival
Mass Schedules:
Weekday 06:30 a.m.
Saturdays 08:00 p.m. (Taiwanese)
Sundays 07:00
09:00 a.m.(Mandarin)、11:00 a.m.(English)、 04:00 p.m.(Mandarin)
First Friday od the Month 07:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Mass
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